Understanding your customer is at the heart of excellent product management, brand management and marketing. However, it is far more common to see companies focusing on the innovation, development and marketing of products they feel compelled to create. The result is a market full of mediocrity. It is a popular strategy though. We see it continually executed across industries, platforms, markets, economies, countries. However, there is a different path. Journey with us as we take the road less traveled.

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Granted, you may be undertaking projects or methodologies that are new, different and have unique lexicons. There may not be a crowd to follow- there is rarely a crowd at the top.


The journey of customer center innovation.

Putting your customer at the center of your business is not separate from what you already do; it is a more effective way of doing it.

At the PMEC 2010, you will hear from a multidisciplinary team of experts whose mission is to offer relevant tools, methodologies, strategies and insights into creating and selling products your customers want. You will hear from product management and marketing practitioners, consumer anthropologists, ethnographers and career coaches.

This knowledge will help working product, brand, and marketing managers and give those looking to make a career move, a leg up on the competition.

You will learn

  • How to go from noticing, to real insights
  • The science behind what motivates and drives your customer
  • How to go beyond “voice of the customer” -the life of the customer and your product in context
  • How to get out of the office, and into your customer’s head
  • How to work synergistically with your cross-functional team
  • How to incorporate the customer in product innovation
  • How to speak the customer’s language
  • How to market to your customers, not at them

Why this conference?

You’ve already done your time in school.
You already have the job.
You already do the work.
It’s who you are.

We don’t want to lecture you. We don’t want to re-work the same old information. We want to offer you solutions from industry leaders on the cutting edge of research.We have pulled together a group of fresh, connected, wired experts who will impress, inform, and inspire you. Some experts you may know, some you may never have heard of but all are coming together for one purpose…to make you a better product manager.

PMEC is not for everyone, only those serious about moving to the next level of their career. So if you are ready to learn and implement the new technology for product
management… Join Us!

Certified, It’s Who You Are

The Agile Certified Product Manager (ACPM®), Certified Product Manager (CPM®) and Certified Product Marketing Manager (CPMM®) programs gives you a tangible way to demonstrate and validate your product management knowledge and expertise to both clients, employers, and colleagues. Let the PMEC conference prepare you for the Certification exam. Many of our speakers and presenters have taken the Certification Exams and hold the credentials. They are a wealth of knowledge as you prepare to take the next step. Our Certification Exams are offered online so you may register and take them when you feel ready. The PMEC is the perfect place to start.