Agile Product Management Track

Agile Product Management Track is a full day, 10 part, training that teaches the necessary practices for working in an Agile environment. The course covers multiple Agile development methods (Scrum, XP and Lean) and is focused on practical application to make participants more effective the moment they return to their desks. This track will prepare participants for the industry standard AIPMM Agile Certified Product Manager (ACPM®) exam. A testing time may be scheduled upon completion of this track for those participants interested in receiving certification.

Because this is a continuous session, the topics covered at each time are approximate.


Session Description
Why Agile is good for Product Management (Part 1)
this session covers the benefits of Agile and what to expect. Learn why Agile can work better than waterfall and what’s in it for you.
A look at Scrum (Part 2)
this session covers how Scrum (a popular Agile method) works, the development team’s process, and your role as a product manager.
Agile Release Management (Part 3)
this session covers how to take advantage of Agile visibility to track the progress of your release and adjust as new requirements emerge.

Agile Release Planning (Part 4)
this session covers how to move from a high
level product vision and break it down into releases and development iterations.

Agile Documentation (Part 5)
this session covers how to convey requirements in Agile using story cards.
Organizing around Agile (Part 6)
this session covers different strategies for team organization from small, co
located teams to large distributed teams.

Starting Out with Agile (Part 7)
this session brings the previous sessions together with practical tips on how to start out with Agile and set your team up for success.

XP and Lean (Part 8)
this session covers two other Agile methods, Extreme Programming and Lean Software Development, that provide further perspectives on Agile thinking.

up (Part 9)
this session looks at Agile in the context of traditional process models and traditional serial development.

Agile Release Planning Workshop (Part 10)
this session is a hands
on workshop to introduce the Agile technique of Story Mapping as a way to plan and visualize a release.