Camille Smith

Camille Smith

Camille combines her business experience in start-ups and Fortune 100 companies with her exceptional skills as a communicator and management consultant to teach people to transform what’s possible in business.  Her unwavering commitment to bring humanity to the workplace distinguishes her relationships and rewards organizations with outstanding business results and the capacity to create and realize new futures.

Camille’s twenty-five years of experience in training and development include six years as an international organizational consultant, successfully transforming corporate cultures of Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Guinness Brewing Worldwide, NutraSweet and Campbell’s Soup. With a vigilance to produce measurable results, she coached manufacturing project teams to double revenues that kept a plant from closing, reduce defective products by 80% in 6 months, reduce labor grievances by 75% in 8 months. She worked ten years for an international training organization as vice president of international operations, customer relationship manager and workshop leader training thousands around the world in practices of productivity and teamwork. Recent clients include Cisco, Creative Labs, DuPont, Graniterock, Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California, Stanford University and Santa Clara University.

Before founding Work In Progress Coaching, Camille spent seven years in high-tech, including two software startups with accountabilities in operations, product marketing, sales and client management, and in Nokia’s network security division as a product marketing manager.

Work In Progress Coaching names not only her company but her personal intention.  “Each of us is a ‘work in progress’ — evolving and figuring out day-by-day how to contribute, be fully expressed and produce results worthy of who we are.”  Every offering — leadership programs, executive coaching, team workshops, facilitation of strategic conversations, values and role clarification, cultural audits, public speaking — embodies her intention.

Camille received her B.S. and M.A. degrees from The Ohio State University. She is an executive coach for the Global Institute for Leadership Development (Warren Bennis, founder) and the LEAD program (Community Foundation for Monterey County).  She has been an adjunct professor teaching business leadership at Santa Clara University and serves as a founding leader of the Global Women’s Leadership Network.  She lives with her family in Aptos, California.