PMEC Justification Toolkit

Determining ROI
As a manager you may often be faced either with your own need to attend a professional conference or requests by your team members to attend one. Professional conferences can be expensive and not all budget managers understand their importance or the benefits derived by conference attendees. Use the information below to help you [...]

Sessions 100 Years In The Making

For over 100 years, anthropologists have been deeply studying people to understand what motivates them, what moves them and how they communicate that to each other.   Now you can learn insights about humans and culture crafted from a century of study and apply these insights to team communication.
Session: That’s not what I said!

When It Comes To Customer Insights – We Bring A Lot More To The Table

2 former chefs, turned brand anthropologists.  What they bring to the table is a deep understanding of what moves and motivates people.  They will slice through the noise and share with you a recipe for understanding your customer. It’s a session so good you can taste it!
Session title:  Customer Visit 2.0