Session Descriptions

Managing Products During Economic Volatility

Ongoing tough economic conditions are like the weather — everyone talks about it, but it is challenging to do something about it. We all need to understand how companies’ product decisions and strategic directions are affected by difficult economic times, so BakBone surveyed 330 people worldwide with product management responsibility [...]

Emotional Design: What it is and how to do it

Why should you, as a product manager, care about Emotional Design?
How does Emotional Design get done and how does this impact the development schedule?
How can you ensure that actionable information related to emotional design is communicated throughout your organization?
How do you begin to manage the incorporation of emotional design into a product [...]

Innovating The Customer Experience to Your Advantage

A few savvy companies have proven there is a new frontier that includes and goes beyond product innovation. These companies have made the case for delivering purposeful customer experiences that create new markets or new segments tapping the revenues, profits and customer advocates that go with it. These companies, [...]

Removing Roadblocks And Gaining Customer Insights

Ever find yourself not paying attention to what the customer is saying?  Every find yourself talking louder because they don’t seem to understand your brilliant point?  Ever walk away from your development team ‘hoping’ they deliver what they promised, but thinking they probably won’t?
How’s that working for you?  Even more to the point, how’s that [...]

What Every Product Manager Needs to Know About Security

This session will discuss what constitutes information security, provide some examples of recent breaches and talk about why it matters to people even outside classical high-tech. It will then close with some recommended market requirements. It will not be very technical, and not attempt to teach people about technical issues [...]

That’s not what I asked for!

The power of words, misunderstood – Professional dialects and product failure
What we have here is a failure to communicate! Spoken and written language is the primary way through which we communicate (humans do have many other modes of communication such as body language and behaviors but we will save that for a session at [...]

How Product Management Can Increase Innovation to Drive Productivity and Competitiveness

Innovation is essential to success. New strategies for innovation would better enable market and business success. This talk will focus on how to improve the innovation process using complexity factors and open systems theory to create stronger competitive advantage and business opportunity.
Session Leader: Michael Alvarado combines twenty-five years of high [...]

Customer Visit 2.0

True or False – Product & Brand Managers should use what they know to design solutions.
Before you answer, ask yourself what you know about the user of your product. We mean, REALLY know. Not just their age, race or gender, but who they are, what motivates them, and how your product fits [...]

Consumer Insights; Fundamental To Building Your Business

“Obtaining consumer insights is fundamental to building your business. Contrary to popular belief, when done right, consumer research is actionable, inexpensive, and dare we say… fun? In this session we’ll topline consumer research basics, share some real-life examples, and work through several straight-forward quantitative and qualitative techniques that [...]

Agile Product Management Track

Agile Product Management Track is a full day, 10 part, training that teaches the necessary practices for working in an Agile environment. The course covers multiple Agile development methods (Scrum, XP and Lean) and is focused on practical application to make participants more effective the moment they return to their desks. [...]