Brian Lawley

With over 20 years of experience in Product Marketing and Product Management, Brian Lawley is a seasoned Marketing Consultant who helps companies in Silicon Valley and beyond to create breakthrough products and generate [...]

Camille Smith

Camille combines her business experience in start-ups and Fortune 100 companies with her exceptional skills as a communicator and management consultant to teach people to transform what’s possible in business.  Her unwavering commitment to bring humanity to the workplace distinguishes her relationships and rewards organizations with outstanding business results and the capacity to create and [...]

Dean Holmes

Dean is a frequent Guest Speaker, Radio Show Guest and Webcast Guest as a thought leader within the Social Media & Marketing space. He has spoken with John Potter, USPS Postmaster General, Mark Angelson, former CEO of RR Donnelley and John Walter, former CEO at AT&T. His focus today is on helping companies with Business [...]

Gary Parker

Over 25 years of successful product marketing, product management and sales
Product manager at SUN (StorageTek) – tripled product sales, received numerous commendations as marketing manager

Published 8 articles and many blogs
Top sales rep and sales manager – set company records in multiple assignments

Organized STK user group and set company attendance records


BS in Business with honors from [...]

Gavin Johnston

Gavin Johnston is Chief Anthropologist for Two West Inc., a branding and design firm with offices in Kansas City and Los Angeles. He has spearheaded ethnographic practices and multidisciplinary research methods for marketing and branding, working closely with brand development, marketing, advertising, and product innovation teams. With over fifteen years working in the private sector [...]

Greg Cohen

Greg Cohen, Senior Principal Consultant with the 280 Group, is a 15 year Product Management veteran with extensive experience and knowledge of Agile development, a Certified Scrum Master, and former President of the Silicon Valley Product Management Association. He has worked and consulted to venture start-ups and large companies alike and has trained product managers [...]

Hector Del Castillo

Hector Del Castillo is the President and Founder of Vital PMM a Product Management services firm that helps technology companies turn products into profit by providing consultants, contractors and training. Mr. Del Castillo is a highly accomplished, results-oriented, energetic and innovative professional with over 15 years experience managing products throughout the development lifecycle and directing [...]

Jeofrey Bean

Principal, Del Mar Research & Consulting, LLC
Del Mar Research & Consulting, LLC, helps to increase client growth, while decreasing the uncertainty and costs of product development and going to market. Jeofrey’s 20+ years of experience that spans from strategic to tactical at small innovative technology companies and large successful organizations like ComplianceMAX; ProMedia Wireless; I [...]

Joely Gardner, PhD

Joely Gardner, PhD is a licensed psychologist who specializes in customer experience strategy and the “operationalization” and incorporation of customer’s emotional needs into measurable improvement initiatives within an organization.
Dr. Gardner is the former Director and U.S. Practice Manager of Customer Research for France Telecom R&D in the Bay Area and former Director of User Research [...]

Jon Hanley

Jon Hanley is a lead  member of Procter & Gamble’s newly formed Global Business Services innovation team.
Prior to this role he was the marketing strategy leader in P&G’s shared services business where he led the application of brand and product management practices within the organization.  His work focused on strategic counsel for shared services and [...]