Leland Shaeffer

Founder and Managing Director
Lee helps companies bring better products to market faster, using fewer resources, by helping [...]

Linda Merrick, CPM

In senior marketing positions at Who’s Calling, N2H2, Captura Software, Traveling Software, WRQ, and Accountant’s Microsystems, Linda drove improvements [...]

Mara Krieps, CPM

With more than 20 years’ experience in product management and marketing strategy, planning and execution in technology and other industries, Mara delivers on key initiatives for clients including Bank of Bermuda (HSBC), Cenorin, Cisco, Microsoft, NetReflector, PAR3 Communications (Varolii), Qpass (Amdocs), Railinc and Who’s Calling. Previously Mara was Director of [...]

Michael Alvarado

Michael Alvarado combines twenty-five years of high technology marketing, ten years of general management experience and masters level work in Applied Anthropology to help organizations build more effective solutions and cultivate more satisfied customers.

Paula Gray

Anthropologist-in-Residence, Association of International Product Marketing & Management
From classical brigade kitchens to ethnographic fieldwork, from the study of Escoffier to the study of Mead, Paula Gray has traded in her chef’s knife kit for the anthropologist’s toolbox.  The culinary arts were a perfect training ground for the future anthropologist.  In the male-dominated world of chefs [...]

Phil Burton

Phil has been a consultant and trainer for the 280 Group for four years and has a twenty-five-plus year career in product management and product marketing focused on information security, data communications and networking. His expertise is in product life cycle management with a focus on customizing [...]

Tom Evans

Principal at Lûcrum Marketing
Tom Evans brings over twenty years of successful hi-tech business experience helping start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products.  Tom’s experience covers numerous vertical industries, technologies and international markets.

Trevor Rotzien

Product Management Director, Free & Clear, Inc.
A compassionate skeptic, Trevor’s journey through the wilds of software product development and management has a unifying theme: a striving to be better at asking and answering “what?”, “why?”, “how?” and “for whom?” A recovering technophile, he now believes that while technology can be challenging, it’s the people part [...]