Consumer Insights; Fundamental To Building Your Business

“Obtaining consumer insights is fundamental to building your business. Contrary to popular belief, when done right, consumer research is actionable, inexpensive, and dare we say… fun? In this session we’ll topline consumer research basics, share some real-life examples, and work through several straight-forward quantitative and qualitative techniques that you can immediately apply.”

Content include:

  • Call to action – anyone can be a great researcher. Also, ask for folks to share some of their experiences.
  • Topline different types of research – primary (1:1, focus groups, in-homes, in-store) & secondary sources— with deeper dive on primary via exploratory, new concepts, product insights, brand equity, etc…..
  • Screening & objectives — Identifying “who” to do research and “why”
  • Examples – will pull from a few P&G / GBS cases
  • Quantiative
    • Most basic (90 second) survey – 3 part
      • Quantitative with 5 point scale (explaining “Top 2 box” scoring)
      • Optional “Why” qualitatives
      • Opt in – 1:1 additional research
  • Qualitative (primary) research… which can flow from your survey
    • Discussion Guides
      • Structuring a discussion guide (broad then narrow – letting the consumer be the expert)
      • Example questions
      • Some tips on how to be a great interviewer
  • Exercises and Q&A