Customer Visit 2.0

True or False – Product & Brand Managers should use what they know to design solutions.

Before you answer, ask yourself what you know about the user of your product. We mean, REALLY know. Not just their age, race or gender, but who they are, what motivates them, and how your product fits into their life.

Truly understanding our product users can often be more difficult than we think.

Customer Visit 2.0 takes PMEC attendees out of the “classroom” and into the field to learn, first hand, the fundamentals of ethnographic fieldwork from experts in the field, anthropologists. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to uncover innovative, actionable insights from the user’s point of view using basic skills to assess cultural systems, rituals, and decision-making processes.

Throughout this three-hour interactive workshop attendees will learn:
1. Techniques for observation and participant interaction
2. Methods to collect relevant and meaningful data
3. Best practices for shooting video during field work
4. Strategies to develop high-level findings analysis

This session is limited to 20 attendees.