Innovating The Customer Experience to Your Advantage

A few savvy companies have proven there is a new frontier that includes and goes beyond product innovation. These companies have made the case for delivering purposeful customer experiences that create new markets or new segments tapping the revenues, profits and customer advocates that go with it. These companies, their offers and results have game-changing characteristics in common in creating experiences that attract, engage and retain customers like no others.

  • What is meant by Innovating the customer experience to advantage?
  • Why customer experience? Why now and what is it?
  • Examples of savvy companies that developed purposeful customer experiences yielding results that have proven the case for advantage
  • What do these companies have in common?
  • How do they create different and better experiences pre and post sales?
  • What steps and processes can you use to move toward creating customer experience advantages when you return from the Product Management Educational Conference?

Please join this session for an engaging presentation of how developing and delivering purpose built customer experiences have created new markets or segments. There will be specific examples of how successful companies purposefully developed customer experiences, the results and what the companies have in common. The session wraps up with a detailed and practical process you can begin to implement when you get back from the conference.