Emotional Design: What it is and how to do it

  • Why should you, as a product manager, care about Emotional Design?
  • How does Emotional Design get done and how does this impact the development schedule?
  • How can you ensure that actionable information related to emotional design is communicated throughout your organization?
  • How do you begin to manage the incorporation of emotional design into a product roadmap?
  • The answers to these and other questions will be addressed in this session.

Emotional Design has become a buzzword in product and service development, but there is not a lot of information on how to do it. There is absolutely no information on how to manage it.

This session will show concrete examples of emotional designs in websites, products, and services. It will discuss techniques to uncover emotional needs – even in B2B situations.

The session will be lively, interactive, fun, and most of all informative.

About the presenter:

Joely Gardner, PhD is a licensed psychologist who specializes in customer experience strategy and the “operationalization” and incorporation of customer’s emotional needs into measurable improvement initiatives within an organization.

Dr. Gardner is the former Director and U.S. Practice Manager of Customer Research for France Telecom R&D in the Bay Area and former Director of User Research for Rare Medium, a front-end design firm and back-end systems integrator.

Joely is currently Chief Customer Experience Strategist for Human Factors Research in San Marcos, CA. Her clients include start up‘s in social networking and mobile applications as well as enterprise-level organizations such as Life Technologies, Quest Diagnostics, Hewlett Packard, Gateway Computers, and JP Morgan Chase Bank.