Removing Roadblocks And Gaining Customer Insights

Ever find yourself not paying attention to what the customer is saying?  Every find yourself talking louder because they don’t seem to understand your brilliant point?  Ever walk away from your development team ‘hoping’ they deliver what they promised, but thinking they probably won’t?

How’s that working for you?  Even more to the point, how’s that working for them?

Communication – speaking and listening – can either open up the road to customer insights or close it down. As a leader and product manager, your job is to remove roadblocks (unproductive conflicts, gossip, infighting, lack of accountability) and keep the channels of communication open so the insights, plus the good, bad and ugly issues, show up in a way you can proactively deal with them.

In this session, we’ll explore how your personal motivations and preferences impact your communications and your success. You’ll get tips for reducing liabilities and for leveraging strengths. We only have 55 minutes, so come ready to dive in and participate.